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Hello. My name is Bogumila Fudali. I’m a reflexologist. In my professional practice I use the method of therapy created by Inge Dougans *, which combines modern reflexology with the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. It allows to accurately diagnose various body disorders, establish an effective therapy plan, adapted to the individual needs of the patient and to pinpoint the actual cause of the disease. During the treatment I stimulate both receptors corresponding to individual organs and systems of the body, as well as acupuncture points, and through them also meridians. According to the holistic approach, involvement in maintaining one’s own health and in the treatment process is of key importance. Therefore, by using reflexotherapy while taking responsibility for your health and maintaining the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle, you can maintain or restore the natural homeostasis (internal physiological balance) of your body and, if necessary, start the process of recovery.


REFLEXLOGY (from the word “reflex”) is a science and a method of therapy according to which reflex zones on feet, hands, head and face correspond to all organs and parts of the human body. Stimulation of these zones activates natural processes of self-regulation and self-healing of the body.

This profession was registered in the Journal of Laws 2014 item 1145 under number 323011 (“Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 7 August 2014 on the classification of professions and specialities for the needs of the labour market and its application”, Practitioners of unconventional or complementary methods of therapy).